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Landlords & Tenants Part 1 | Orange County Property Management Education


The tenant you place in your rental home will impact the kind of experience you have as a landlord. With a great tenant, you’ll earn consistent income, get the home back in great condition, and trust that the terms of the lease will be followed. With a bad tenant, you could end up suffering through the eviction process and paying for expensive property damage. Our approach to finding and placing tenants is a little different than other management companies, and we’re sharing that process today.

Marketing Your Property

Marketing and advertising your home is not rocket science. It’s honestly done the same way by most property management companies. We all do online marketing, take great pictures, and invest in professional yard signs. When you’re looking for someone to manage your property, understand that marketing is a commodity and not something that necessarily differentiates one management company from another.

Screening Your Tenants

Tenant screening, however, offers management companies like ours an opportunity to really differentiate ourselves. We do the general screening that everyone does; checking credit and completing a tenant background check. We verify income and check landlord references. We also interview the prospective tenants thoroughly. This is where the rubber meets the road.

My background in the corporate world gave me the opportunity to learn how to talk to people. Based on a conversation, I can tell how cooperative and responsive a tenant will be. I ask questions and conduct interviews to see how tenants respond. If they’re quick and clear and willing to communicate, I know it’s a tenant worth pursuing. If they’re hesitant to cooperate or they try to dodge questions, I’ll know that it’s probably better to pass.

White Glove Service Plans for Fullerton Property Management

We guarantee every tenant we place. That means we’ll have a vested interest in placing a good tenant who is capable of performing well for you. If we have to replace a tenant we place, we’ll do so at no cost to the owner. Depending on your property and your level of comfort when it comes to risk, we offer two different plans to protect you against problem tenants and the threat of eviction:

  • Platinum Service: When the tenant is no longer paying rent, we will pay you for up to two months of the rent. This protects your income while we deal with removing the tenant.
  • Gold Service: If eviction is necessary, we will cover the costs of evicting the tenant we placed.

Owning rental property comes with risks. We do our best to minimize those risks for you. If you have any questions about tenant screening or Fullerton property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at White Glove Property Management.




Posted by: Blake Borowski on March 27, 2018
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