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How Landlords Benefit from Partnering With White Glove Property Management

As a landlord, you may have used property management companies before, and you were left feeling like it wasn’t the best value for your money. Maybe the managers themselves were dreadful or they didn’t communicate or you found your property was losing money while you continued to pay management fees every month.

We recommend that you forget property management and instead, invest in real estate asset management. That’s what we provide at White Glove Property Management, and today we’re explaining how partnering with us helps you as an owner and an investor.

Orange County Property Management: Owner and Manager Perspective

Our company was created by property owners and for property owners. We own rental properties ourselves, so we understand the needs and concerns of an owner firsthand. It seems a lot of property management companies don’t completely understand the importance of mitigating risk and ensuring the property performs at its best. We do understand that because we want the best for our own properties, too. Working with us ensures you’re getting the personal and the professional perspective.

Fullerton Property Management: Business-Minded Focus on Management and ROI

If your property management company is content to simply place tenants and collect the rent, they aren’t providing you with the service and expertise you deserve. We understand the importance of ROI, and we pride ourselves on our ability to increase what you earn on your investment. We use our 18 years of experience in the corporate world to leverage partnerships, improve processes, and mitigate risk.

We don’t do sales because we know what we do best: asset management. We leave the buying and the selling up to real estate agents and choose to focus on residential property management, where we can have the greatest impact on your earning potential and property value.

Technology and Teamwork

We’re early adopters, on the cutting edge of the best technology that’s available. This helps us to manage your asset efficiently and transparently. All of our accounting is done for owners online, and you can access it when you need it. Everything is streamlined and documented, leaving no doubt that we are responding to the needs of your property promptly and completely.

We hire the best in the business. From the full time members of our team to the professional vendors we work with, our goal is to deliver the best service available. This makes us a little more expensive than the basic property management companies, but we’re a better value. You’ll receive better service, and you’ll earn more on your properties.

These are just a few of the benefits to working with us. Whether you’re investing in real estate for the first time or you’re an experienced owner with a growing portfolio, we can help you. Contact us at White Glove Property Management.



Posted by: Blake Borowski on February 27, 2018
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